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Before I jump on the soap box, a little about me.

Oldest of six kids and 3-year-college-dropout with a property and casualty license working as a service rep for an independent financial planning firm endorsed by Dave Ramsey in southwestern Ohio.

My best friend is a red-tri Australian Shepherd and chicken wings are my favorite meal and my favorite show is Forensic Files.

Enough about me.. I started this page to talk about you, me, us and life.

You. The cliches. The stereotypes. The statistics. You know who you are.

What keeps us from our goals? Everyone has aspirations and dreams. But not everyone reaches them. Why?

Lack of time? Lack of energy? Lack of funds? Lack of focus?

I am not the first person to write these words. I’m sure I won’t be the last.

I have limited knowledge across the board about the basics whether it’s a simple plumbing issue or a ROTH 401K… consider me clueless.

The world would like you to believe that is the majority. And hey, maybe it is.

But the truth is that there are plenty of folks out there who have figured it out. Whether they learned under a mentor or perfected by trial and error, there are focused and disciplined people out there in every field from every walk of life that have dignity, integrity, honor, patience, and poise.

Sure, if everyone was like that then we wouldn’t have the poor or the struggling or the overweight. It’s not about being perfect. It’s about prioritizing.

It’s easy just to say ‘well if it was that important, you would have done it already.’ But what is stopping people?

Physical disability? Mental illness? Negative habitual habits? Family conflicts? Tragedy?

This is the mission of this website. To discuss our milestones and our misfortunes. To really pin point the absolute best tips and routines that give us as humans the ultimate advantage when it comes to living a balanced lifestyle.

First episode airs in April and until then I will be meeting and interviewing some of the most inspirational and driven people I can find.

Not all of them will be rich. Not all of them will be the best in their fields. Some may not even be fantastic role models. But my mission is to find them and talk about their experience and steal their perspectives so that next time I want to splurge on a vacation or eat an extra dessert.. I’ll remember their discipline and their priorities and use their loss to fuel my gain.

It’s human nature. It’s life. It’s real. And we’re here to talk about it.

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