As you may have figured out from my previous posts, I am a BIG Ramsey Solutions fan. I like to start my day with a Dave rant, a nice little wake-up call to go with my morning cup of coffee, and I’m off!

But when I need more than a wake-up call, I seek out other personalities on the team. My favorite character is George Kamel (because his music and, uh, comedy), but a close second is Ken Coleman! Like I said, Dave is nothing short of fantastic. However, George Kamel, Ken Coleman, Anthony O’Neal, and Rachel Cruze are such profound personalities in the group. They speak my language.

As far as Millenials and Money go, being connected with any or all of these folks and the free resources and vlogs they provide will surely help you maintain a consistently positive perspective and a gratuitous spirit, even through the up’s and down’s of your journey. If you don’t know who these people are, you need to get connected! Click their names above and check it out.

Anyway, I called Ken Coleman a little under a year ago to ask for some vocational advice. As you know I work for an ELP as an Administrative Service Clerk, or “Director of First Impressions”, which basically means receptionist. Anyone who works in financial services knows that the support positions at an independent firm can be 4 jobs rolled into one. Fair enough, considering the phones are busiest during tax season and during other times of year are manageable. The benefit? It’s a small office and if there is a question or an issue, I have connections and relationships with mentors in the same building. I’m sure no one expected me to enjoy the phones as much as I do. The issue I was dealing with was with the details and procedures.

So what Ken and I figured out was this:

  1. Admit
  2. Ask
  3. Adapt

I had to admit that I was having issues due to a lack of focus (because really, the work is simple, I just -SQUIRREL!)

I had to ask for help (shut up and listen, a hard one for me)

And I had to adapt (implement the plan someone said worked for them and then figure out what works for me, but nothing works unless you do)

So it was a process. But only after developing some accountability and tailoring the procedures and USING them was I then able to create a system for my work, my personality, my goals. I was so busy geeking out about Ken geeking out about the 3 A’s I came up with, I almost missed his additional advice. Ken followed up with his 3 components of being a team player:

1.Know your role CLARITY

2. Accept your role GRATITUDE

3. Maximize your role OWNERSHIP

You can decide what each means to you. His show is geared toward people struggling to find their “Sweet Spot” but a huge step before all this is the G word. There’s that word again.  Gratitude. After I sat down and wrote it all out, I instantly felt better. Changed my perspective on my position and how I contribute to the team. Ownership of my role.

Monday, July 1, I was able to get on the show again after nearly a year to celebrate my progress with one of my biggest role models.

When I called, I greeted Ken same as I did before. “Better than I deserve.” He didn’t remember me until I brought up the sticky notes and he let me do most of the talking (THANKS, KC) and I believe it was because he wanted his listeners to hear about what worked for me and why.

When it comes down to it, it was the mentorship I receive in my line of work. No, my boss isn’t a hand holder, and a lot of times, we have to figure things out ourselves and plug the holes in the boat and be flexible about what is “my job”, “her job” and so forth. But that is what true teamwork is. And where I work, this is a family. It’s where the CSR can call up the CPA and ask if they want to go to lunch. It’s the CEO of the company chatting with his assistant (whom he’s worked with for 20+ years) about how her mother is doing. It’s the conversations had at the Keurig about the game or completing a Bible study course together or the first 10 minutes of a team meeting talking about a teammate’s win (started a side hustle, has a great fundraising idea, birth/adoption, became debt-free) “here use my umbrella” or the “hey, isn’t your spouse’s birthday/your anniversary next week?” (they know who they are in the office!)

Do we all always agree? Someone’s gotta be wrong! Does everyone always make each other happy? HAH! Does everyone always like each other? Get real! This isn’t an episode of Cheers, people. But we challenge each other and correct mistakes because we care about our clients and our work and our mission. There’s that word again. Ownership.

Below are the two links to the episodes I was featured. If you’re dealing with a vocational issue, give Ken a call! Who knows, you may just be one good conversation and a kick in the pants from achieving the freedom you want in your daily routine at the office!

First call with Ken Coleman on the Ken Coleman Show September 22, 2017 @ 25:00 minutes

Second call with Ken Coleman on the Ken Coleman Show July 2, 2018 @ 22:00 minutes


Have a great Fourth of July!

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